Building A Rocketship

Growing up in the era of classic TV. I racked up many an hour in front of the tube. My first 45rpm record I owned. Being Elton John's 1972 "Rocket Man". Playing it over and over. My mission was predestined even then.

Wearing my share of bell bottom jeans and Izod t shirts. Always trying to stay in fashion. Never to be left out of a movement or trend.

Classic pop culture is in my DNA. I've imagined riding along with the Robinson's aboard the Jupiter 2. Lounging around in Jennie's bottle. Singing with Brady Bunch and dancing on American Bandstand or Soul Train.

Fast forward to 2018. And now we're playing Depeche Mode on YouTube. Instead of our record players with the plastic dust cover. I long to read the back of the newest Pink Floyd or Donna Summer album.

atomicrocketpoplab was built for you - I am your Rocket. A man committed to preserving our history. In Art, Film, Fashion, Music, and Television.

Rocket Hulsey to ground control -